Rabu, 03 September 2008

Buddha's approach is negative.

Buddha's approach is negative. The negative mind, the negative thinking, does not start with any conclusion. It drops all conclusions, it simply gets rid of all beliefs, all scriptures, all doctrines, all creeds. It says 'This is not my experience, so I cannot claim truth for it. Why should I carry it? This is all junk.' Negative thinking means that you drop all the conclusions that you have taken for granted from others. A point comes when nothing is left in your mind, because all is borrowed.

Just look inside. All that you think of as your knowledge is borrowed knowledge, and how can the borrowed be knowledge? It is information. You are just repeating it; you are being mechanical in repeating it. Negative thinking begins with no conclusion, with no belief, with no thought.

Drop all belief, drop all thoughts.


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